We present you Esther and Juan Wedding cards invitation:
A cool couple who wanted something different to announce their engagement


More than a simple portrait, this illustration represents their love for each other, with all the personal symbolism of the couple in these original wedding cards invitation.

Esther and Juan wedding cards invitation are printed on watercolor paper. For this painting technique, a rough paper is used and by having the wedding card invitation in your hands , you can perceive it as an original piece of art, since the quality of paper and printing transmitted perfectly the first illustration that It was done by hand.

Our couple asked us to draw something very personal for this illustration, which would be the cover of their wedding invitation. So after a dialogue with them we got down to work and design this unique invitation. Response of the couple: Amar.

Invitartes: Illustrated Invitations

Your wedding invitations can also be like that

Your wedding invitations can also be like that

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