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Yes, I am!

Be original, not only because you definitely  are, because you follow all trends, know the name of all underground fashion designers or listen the latest indie music.


Boast of original on your walls! In invitartes you can purchase an original illustration based on the photograph you send us. So you can hang something unique and personal, an art work to enjoy (For example, your cat and you?). Or give that estimated person  an illustration of you two with a special phrase ...


There are countless reasons why you should have an original illustration based on your history.


The illustrations are made on watercolor paper 350 gr., size 30 x 40 cm, with watercolour technique  as a base. The drawing will be inspired on the photograph you send us, plus a dialogue with you to decide the final composition. You can follow the course of your illustration in three steps: sketch, first strokes of illustration and completion. The work will be signed on the reverse of the illustration by the artist, with date and title of the artwork.


Original, right ?, THEN CLICK HERE 🙂

Steps Original Illustration
Original artwork

Adorable chubby cheeks

What joy! Your baby has arrived surrounded by smiles and sweet looks: Welcome to the world!


Sandra and Curro are the parents of Pepe, this beautiful boy with a ravishing laughter and the smell of a peach.

Everyone asks, everyone congratulated... Make it known to your world the happiness that fills your house, with beautiful illustrated postcards with a picture of your baby and the most relevant information about his birth. So your family and friends will know by heart all the details of the day he was born.

Invitartes offers you this option in postcard format, so you can write on the back of the illustration, custom text to recipients, or messages of thanks for the gifts and good wishes.

The birth of your baby, a magical day, a moment to remember: See here


Invitartes - Postcard, Pepe, Welcome to the world!
Great pictures, great artwork. Illustrated invitation from a Bodafilms  photograph

Weddings and other art forms


Invitartes teams up with José Caballero, the soul of Bodafilms, a  brighter producer.


If you are thinking of capturing the calm and the beauty of your love in photographs of your pre-wedding (with your hair in the wind and cool smiles), thinking about the truce before the nerves and bustle of the big day reach; think of photographs that recreate the essence of everything. Ethereal compositions with a simple approach full of magic.


At invitartes we recommend you Bodafilms work, because of the subtlety of a well-kept image. Photo shoots that can be useful to provide us with that picture meant to be the cover of your illustrated invitations.


The pre-wedding photographs are worth as "test" of the big day. A fun way to make the first contact with a professional photographer and build confidence in front of him, because sometimes, we do not know how to behave and feel relaxed with a stranger. In this respect, Jose from bodafilms makes you feel that you are with a friend who knows what he's doing. In these pre-wedding photographs you decide what poses, angles and locations are best suited, in order to make the best shots on the big day, and stay with a beautiful memory of the last gasps of your courtship.


We encourage you to show us your love into a photo. If you are looking for something special, at invitartes you'll find more than original invitations: Artistic invitations; that will surprise certainly your guests, being themselves an invitation to remember for its beauty.

Great pictures, great artwork: Invitartes & bodafilms.


We present you Esther and Juan Wedding cards invitation:
A cool couple who wanted something different to announce their engagement


More than a simple portrait, this illustration represents their love for each other, with all the personal symbolism of the couple in these original wedding cards invitation.

Esther and Juan wedding cards invitation are printed on watercolor paper. For this painting technique, a rough paper is used and by having the wedding card invitation in your hands , you can perceive it as an original piece of art, since the quality of paper and printing transmitted perfectly the first illustration that It was done by hand.

Our couple asked us to draw something very personal for this illustration, which would be the cover of their wedding invitation. So after a dialogue with them we got down to work and design this unique invitation. Response of the couple: Amar.

Invitartes: Illustrated Invitations

Your wedding invitations can also be like that

Your wedding invitations can also be like that