Great pictures, great artwork. Illustrated invitation from a Bodafilms  photograph

Weddings and other art forms


Invitartes teams up with José Caballero, the soul of Bodafilms, a  brighter producer.


If you are thinking of capturing the calm and the beauty of your love in photographs of your pre-wedding (with your hair in the wind and cool smiles), thinking about the truce before the nerves and bustle of the big day reach; think of photographs that recreate the essence of everything. Ethereal compositions with a simple approach full of magic.


At invitartes we recommend you Bodafilms work, because of the subtlety of a well-kept image. Photo shoots that can be useful to provide us with that picture meant to be the cover of your illustrated invitations.


The pre-wedding photographs are worth as "test" of the big day. A fun way to make the first contact with a professional photographer and build confidence in front of him, because sometimes, we do not know how to behave and feel relaxed with a stranger. In this respect, Jose from bodafilms makes you feel that you are with a friend who knows what he's doing. In these pre-wedding photographs you decide what poses, angles and locations are best suited, in order to make the best shots on the big day, and stay with a beautiful memory of the last gasps of your courtship.


We encourage you to show us your love into a photo. If you are looking for something special, at invitartes you'll find more than original invitations: Artistic invitations; that will surprise certainly your guests, being themselves an invitation to remember for its beauty.

Great pictures, great artwork: Invitartes & bodafilms.