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Invitation cards:

The cards at Invitartes are drawn by hand with a digital pencil. Each portrait can have up to 2 people.

The illustrations will be based on the reference pictures sent by the client in JPG, PNG or PDF format with optimal resolution. We recommend a minimum of 747x999 pixels.

If you want to include extra elements or subjects in the portrait, please send a message with the additional requests, and we will discuss and negotiate the extent of the changes.



The invitations will be printed on high-quality watercolor paper of 300 g, size A5 (148 x 210 mm).

The illustration will be placed in the front of the card, and the back will have additional information about the event, the people involved, dates, etc., that you specify.

5.5 Additions

If, during the period of elaboration, the Client asks for modifications of the initial order, both parts will negotiate in good faith the additional work, which could entail a surcharge over the original place.



The minimum order is 25 copies of the invitation. If you want to purchase more than 300 copies of the invitation, please let us know via e-mail. The price of the order will be proportional to the prices specified on the website.


Delivery times

As this is creative work, every order is different, and every client will have a customized product. Invitartes will plan the work phases according to the complexity of the illustration, and the Client will be able to visualize the progress of their order through the section "My account" in our on-line store.

Upon receipt of the picture of the person or couple to be represented, as well as the information requiered for the customization of the product (informative form), the process of illustration, design and impression will take a maximum of 30 days with basic service package. We offer as well an express service that guarantees that the order will be completed within 15 dyas.

Invitartes will first send an e-mail with the subject “Order confirmation” to verify the reception. Afterwards, another e-mail with the subject “Draft of invitation”, will be sent to the client, so they can check the composition of the illustration or design. After finishing the illustration or design of the card, Invitartes will send an e-mail to the client with the subject "Review of invitation", where the client will be able to check the final .pdf file of the cards (we strongly recommend for the client to check for any typos in the texts). In the last step, Invitartes will send an e-mail with the subject "Invitations sent", in order to notify the client that the order has been sent.

*If you want a express service, please let us know via e-mail to info@invitartes.com, giving us the date of the event. Once we receive and accept the order, a surcharge of 21% (for orders up to 100 cards) or of 16% (for orders from 125 cards up) will be added as a supplement for rush work.



Invitartes is committed to keep the most strict confidenciality when processing the personal data and information pertaining to the client and shared via e-mail.

The Client will allow Invitartes to collect their data and information necessary for the completion of the order only, and will not give the data to third parties for advertising or marketing purposes.

In accordance with current data protection law, the Client allows Invitartes to collect some data for contracting the services of third parties, as long as this process is part of the ordinary and expected tasks to the fulfillment of the service, or that they are required by a guvernmental or regulatory entity to the ends of ensuring compliance with the applicable laws.

The Client, will have the right to request to modify their data sending an e-mail to info@invitartes.com, with the subject "Personal data".


Invitartes accepts the following payment methods:

PAYPAL and CREDIT CARD: After confirming the order, the client will be redirected to PayPal (safe payment platform) where they will be able to pay for it. Once the process is finished, they will be redirected back to Invitartes. The client will receive a recepit from Paypal with the payment confirmation, and another one from Invitartes. See more details about this payment here.

WIRE TRANSFER: After greenlighting the payment of the price to our account, the order will be accepted, and we will follow the procedure established in the section "Delivery times"



The shipping costs will be calculated from the weight and zip code.

We establish the following conditions:

Shipping will be made through private delivery services, chosen by Invitartes.
The cards will be delivered to the home or address specified by the client when making the order.
Invitartes will deliver the orders via private courier after sending an e-mail to the client with the subject "Invitations sent".
Invitartes will not accept any responsibility for possible delays caused by the courier service.



100% reimbursement Once the payment has been made, but before sending the filled-out form with the information for the illustrations, the client will be able to cancel the purchase and get a reimbursement of the whole amount.

60 % reimbursement If you have already sent us the form with the photography or the information for the invitations.

30% reimbursement Once the first draft of the illustration or design has been sent.

After the client receives the final .pdf file with the illustration or the design, the payment will not be reimbursable anymore.


Invitartes reserves the right to reject any order for any reason, and will not illustrate nor design cards with violent or racist content, or that constitute harrassment, defamation, libel or slander against a person or a social group.

Invitartes reserves the right to cancel any order at any time, after reimbursing the amount paid by the client in its totality to the credit card from which the online purchase or the wire transfer were made.


If the order shows any damage upon arrival to the address specified by the client, the latter can send us a video showing the contents of the package and its condition, in order to verify the damages.

Once we have checked the state of the order, a compensation in the form of a re-printing of the cards or a discount voucher will be negotiated.

All claims must be sent via e-mail within 15 days of the delivery, and they will only be processed in case of unfulfillment of the services agreed by Invitartes.



By making the purchase, the client accepts that the invitation will be made in the artistic style established on the website.



The price of invitation cards will be the first amount specified in the website plus taxes (19%), but in case of erratum, it will be reviewed and corrected.



The tax residence of "invitartes" is Germany, thereby prices will be displayed with 19% VAT.



Invitartes reserves the right to modify prices, offers, and other commercial conditions without previous warning.



All the illustrations, draftes, pictures, as well as the trademark of Invitartes are protected by the intellectual property rights legislation. Any infringement of these rights or use without the express permission of Invitartes will be legally prosecuted, because Invitartes will not give the Client the right to use the material in formats and media different from the specified.


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